Sparta is better than athens essay

Sparta is better than athens essay, Anya's paper- athens is better than sparta edit 0 3 their approach to life was very different between the two athens was better than sparta.

Differences between athens and sparta essay - differences between athens and sparta athens and sparta are two city-states in ancient greece athens had a busy port, ships passed the land at the agora, you could hear people arguing and chatting, you can also see people with their slaves walking around and shopping, there were sculptors. Athens vs sparta - athens vs sparta during the times of ancient greece, two major forms of government existed, democracy and oligarchy the city-states of athens and sparta are the best representatives of democracy and oligarchy, respectively. A report on the culture in sparta, and why it was a greater city than its rival, athens there are various topics discussed throughout the paper by seanthebond in.

Throughout greek history, there have been many interesting city-states two very important poleis are athens and sparta after studying these poleis it is clear that athens is the better polis because of its government, education, and society. I choose sparta essaysathens and sparta definitely athens and sparta definitely varied when it came to the and the way of life was overall better for.

In sparta “the ephors had unlimited power to act as guardians of the state, and they used that power freely (112)” this shows that in athens the government was split up equally and in sparta the government used power freely and could have abused it not only was the government better, but the education was also better.

Athens vs sparta essay all these reasons and more just shows how much better athens is than sparta two of the most powerful cities’ in the ancient times.

Summary: personal opinion about why athens was better than sparta in ancient greece with a comparison of the two city-states if i had to choose which one was better, athens or sparta, i would say athens.

Sparta is better than athens essay
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